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Tribez Membership

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A student association forms your student life. Going to Uni isn’t all about studying. You need to make time for yourself, have fun with study mates or uni-friends. A student association offers you the opportunity to connect with other students. You get to know like-minded people, have either serious or fun conversations, and your student life becomes less stressful.

As an active member of Tribez you get a variety of activities, both fun and educational. Think of trainings in the field of organization, networking and communication. We also offer a variety of fun activities like, game nights, diners and theatre plays. As a member you profit from all this, you get either free access or a great discount on our activities.

Tribez is more than just a student association, Tribez is a community. 
Join the Tribez association and become a part of the Tribe!

It is important for students of African descent and its diaspora to have a safe space. A space where you can be yourself and where you are accepted for simply being you. 

At Tribez you will meet new people with different cultural backgrounds. Here you get the chance to learn and develop yourself as a student, an individual and as a professional.