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‚ÄčExperience the intercultural world of Tribez during our activities such as Game night, empowering workshops and theatre plays based on Black culture.


Tribez is the student association for Black students in The Hague. We are your safe space, the place where you have fun and develop yourself!


Tribez is the way to reach the Black national and international students in The Hague. Want to collaborate with the fastest growing Black student association of The Hague?

Founded in 2019, Tribez is a student association based in The Hague that empowers and educates students from African descent and its diaspora. Through educative  activities, partially in cooperation with our partners, Tribez aims to empower and educate Black students about Black culture and wish to prepare them for the professional world. Through our social activities we make time for ourselves, have fun with study mates or uni-friends. We offer you the opportunity to connect with like-minded people, in a relaxed and distressful space.

Tribez is more than just a student association, Tribez is a community.
Join Tribez and become part of the Tribe!

Support Tribez

Tribez goal is to continuously expand the network to provide more opportunities for our members and students of African descent and diaspora in the Netherlands. This enables our members to grow culturally, personally, professionally and socially while sharing and disseminating our culture. Through your donation, you will support our mission to make this happen.